TNN300 – 12

the next step is the cpu clip support.  i’m using a socket 775 motherboard.  i took a risk and got an ASUS P5LD2-VM DH on the basis that the photo on the Asus site looked similar to another Asus board which the chap at QuietPC had said was okay.

As it turns out it fits perfectly.  You’d almost think they placed the capacitors specifically to fit into the shape of the bracket.  maybe it’s a standard shape.

however, be warned!  i paid special attention to the diagram in the book to ensure i got the bracket the right way round.  but the diagram on the left is wrong.  if you put the bracket on that way round is doesn’t fit.  me being an idiot i thought, “well, it almost fits.  let’s just gently bend that capacitor a bit so it goes.” before i realised what the real problem was.  luckily i don’t appear to have done any damage.

meanwhile, the diagram on the right in the book (which is specifically about the bracket orientation) has things the right way round.


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