TNN300 – 18

so by now i was pretty desperate to get it running and really didn’t want to wait for a new motherboard to arrive so i went to pc world (did you sing the tune in your head as you read that?  i did. Image) and bought an intel (little tune) celeron d.  the last celeron in the shop.

the pic shows that it’s actually quite easy to replace the cpu after it’s all installed.  get the power and ide cables out of the way, undo the thumb/coin screws on the cpu block clip, unscrew the blue top plate on the other end of the heatpipes and then the cpu heat block and all the pipes lift out together.  you don’t even have to remove the big fins.  not bad if you don’t mind getting heat gunk all over you.

also, watch out – the suction between the heat block and the cpu (with all that heat gunk in there) is quite strong.  i took a slice off a finger when it finally let go – although i can’t work out what i cut it on .. it was that fast.  maybe it would be less sucky if i really had used a whole 1mm of gunk – doubt it though .. there’d just be loads more to go everywhere.


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