TNN300 – 19

so that’s another £30 down the drain … but who cares?  it WORKS!

it was just the cpu in the end – graphics card, memory, fanless psu and fanless cpu are all fine.  somewhat unhelpfully, there seems to be some problem between the weird zalman front-panel pcb and the power led and the motherboard because the power led never comes on at all … which is kind of annoying on a PC which you can’t hear.  having said that, i’m yet to accidentally switch if off instead of switching it on.  but i have stood next to it for a fair few seconds trying to remember if it’s on or off!

what’s with the lack of dual core?  surely the “D” in “celeron D” means ‘dual’?  no?  ah well, whatever.  don’t really care right now.


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