TNN300 – 23

the finished article!  except that since then i’ve got a nice black dvd re-writer from quietpc which looks better and sounds better – it’s even got the little green light next to the button where it can be seen!

a few days later a new motherboard arrived which is compatible with core 2 duo.

it’s an Asus P5LD2-VM SE and was again bought on the basis that it looked pretty much the same as the last one.

it fits just fine.  in fact, the one thing that concerned me about the other motherboard was that the nice asus people had put a heatsink over the hot components behind the external connectors so that it would benefit from the airflow from the cpu fan.  i was concerned that the lack of cpu fan would cause problems there.  this motherboard doesn’t have that heatsink so i was less worried about that.

i watched the first half of some football and thought maybe i could change the motherboard and cpu during the half time break.  in fact, when i got the machine up and running again it was the end of the match.  so it had taken about an hour – but it’s working with core 2 duo now and it’s whizzy fast … and cooler than the celeron was, even when i run a ‘burn test’ on both cores at once for hours and hours at a time.

i had hoped that the new motherboard would be happier about lighting up the power led on the case but, while it’s come on a couple of times, it never stays on and it never comes on when you press the button.  so the only way to tell if the machine’s switched on is to turn on the monitor and wiggle the mouse and have a look.

also since then i’ve got linux booting from the network so the nasty, noisy ibm disk has gone.  stupid thing is, the whole thing’s plugged into an OHP-based ‘homebrew video projector’ – and the fan on the OHP is noisier than the old PC was.  *sigh*

a final note – since i now had a spare motherboard, cpu, memory, psu, two cpu fans and dvd re-writer i thought i might as well get a new disk and make a ‘spares’ computer for my mum.  i got a spinpoint disk from quietpc and it’s the quietest thing i ever failed to hear.  when it’s busy it makes a noise like a mouse scratching gently on a bit of paper.  or something.  anyway, it’s groovy and probably would have been fine in the quiet case.  also, the cheap psu i bought turned out to get extremely noisy under load.  however, opening it up and replacing the 120mm fan with a spare quiet akasa fan i had lying around the place sorted that and now it’s quiet as a mouse too.  in fact, particularly with the socket 775 4-pin clever fans, that pc is now very quiet too at a fraction of the cost.  but it’s nowhere near as funky.  Image


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