mobile digital life .. kind of

tried to make these posts from my Nintendo DS whilst out and about….

went to Nero’s and got a coffee but couldn’t get their wifi access to work.  back at the virgin megastore they have a coffee shop in the basement with music listening posts and old-skool computer game tables (space invaders, pacman, galaxians etc).  also wifi – although the chap serving the coffee adamantly denied this.

payed up and got the wifi working – this is “spectrum wifi” and i think i may be their first customer.  anyway, it’s miles quicker than the one at Starbucks.

then i tried to persuade my phone to email my photos to flickr.  no joy.  called vodafone – they put me on hold and then cut me off.  tried again and got cut off straight away.  third time they managed to keep me on the line but claimed not to have any of my old addresses so they couldn’t be sure i was me and, therefore, couldn’t help.

went to the vodafone site and (after a lot of effort trying to reset my password .. it turned out i’d got the password right all along – i’d just got the username wrong.  i hate those login systems!) .. checked my personal details – my address is bang up to date!

called vodafone once more and told them my address was right and was told, “ah, that’s a different address” .. good.  expressed my surprise that they didn’t have any of my old addresses, reeled them off again … “oh, yes, we have that one.”  aaaaaargh!  so now they’ll help but they don’t understand how their own system works for enabling sending picture messages by email.  we guessed a bunch of settings and left it at that.

after that call the phone started saying that it was successfully sending the messages – but nothing showed up on flickr so i gave up.

on the way home i called in at the vodafone shop at Paddington station and asked them to check it.  i demonstrated emailing a picture so they could see the message on the screen and the chap checked the settings and said it all looked fine to him.  sure enough, that email (but apparently none of the previous attempts) worked .. after about half an hour!

whatever, that seems to be working now.  but i never did manage to post anything from my DS.


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