well, happy, happy, happy.  i’ve been sitting at home all day waiting for parcelforce to deliver a Wii to me.

apparently it went onto a van at 8.30 this morning.

it would appear from their web site that they really, really don’t want you to phone up and ask them about it.

so i thought i’d do it their way and filled in an online form asking them to find out what’s happened and get in touch.  guess what – nothing.

if you do phone you get led through a maze of incessant automated menus which eventually dump you out to a trite message about how it’d be easier if you just used the web site and then they hang up on you.

there is a phone number for help with the web site itself.  fifteen minutes on hold (listening to them telling you  about all the wonderful services they offer you and how it’d save a lot of time if you just used the web site instead of calling) and i got through to someone who didn’t seem bothered that a) i’d been on hold for so long or b) my parcel hadn’t turned up or c) there was no-one else to call so i’d had to call him.  he put me through to ‘an advisor.’

the advisor was not at all surprised to hear from me and also unconcerned that a) my parcel hadn’t arrived and b) there’s no phone number for this on the site or c) that the phone menu system just hangs up on you.  he said it would be delivered by 6pm.  he gave me the number for the bristol parcelforce place and said they’d be open until 7.

6 came and went.  tried to call the bristol number.  on hold for another 15 minutes when it cuts in and says it’s going to put me through to the central number instead … which says “please call between 9am and 5.30pm monday to friday”.

looking on the web site under “sending” (i.e. if you’re a potential customer and might spend some money on them) they tell you what the delivery times are meant to be .. before 17.30, not 6pm after all.

oh so very angry.  apparently i can go to my local post office and get a parcelforce complaint form.  as long as i do it within thiry days or ninety days or something.  for all the good it’ll do.


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