Wii and me

There follows a number of posts about the Wii.  i should have written them as they happened but what can you do?

first impressions (on first hearing about)…

  • motion sensing: excellent!
  • not chasin big graphics numbers: good .. probably
  • the name Wii .. stupid, stupid, stupid!

when liksang started taking pre-orders i didn’t get in the queue because a) i wasn’t sure it’d be region-free, b) i didn’t think there’d be a huge lag between US, Japan and UK release dates and c) i didn’t think i’d save any money by importing.

so, my predictions weren’t too bad .. although i didn’t guess that Sony would also put liksang out of business!  Bad, bad Sony!

when UK shops started taking pre-orders i thought the UK hype wasn’t really happening and it wouldn’t sell out, so i didn’t order one.  (not quite such a good prediction then) Also, the people in the shops have always been a bit sniffy about the DS – i find them a little intimidating – i didn’t fancy the looks i’d get asking about the Wii.

by the time the hype got going i thought i’d missed the boat and would have to wait until the new year .. not a happy bunny!  i had a theory though – amazon.co.uk!  surely it’s too uncool for people to pre-order there.  and surely they’re quite big so they’ll have lots of units available.  so i had a look and … joy of joys, they hadn’t even started taking pre-orders yet!!  and you could sign up for an email when pre-orders were available and they wouldn’t start until they knew how many units they had and would then stop when they had allocated them all.  good good good.

so the email arrived – it’s going to be 21st nov.  fine, fine.

then there’s more info on the site – it’s going to be business hours – 9am til 5pm.  well, bad news for people with regular jobs – luckily i could work from home .. or possibly i had the day off.

21st nov.  9am.  click refresh. refresh.  refresh.  … refresh ….. refresh ………. refresh.



got bored and hungry and risked a trip to the shops for milk.

9.40 … it’s up!!  click click click .. amazon.co.uk .. and you’re done!  w000t!

ordered: Wii, Zelda, Red Steel, Play and some points.


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