Wii kiosk hunting 2

well, a few hours later and i’m wandering along Oxford St.  HMV first.  they have a giant screen at the back of the ground floor.  you can see it clear as day from outside on the other side of the street.  it’s playing a rolling Wii demo.  a good sign .. but it doesn’t appear to be actual people actually playing.  sure enough, they’ve got a massive area in front of the screen set aside for the kiosk ….. which is still in its plastic wrapping!!

Wii at HMV

hmm.  hmm.  well then.  on down the street.

next up, a GAME appears.  they have a kiosk just inside the entrance.  it’s in the menu screen and there’s no remote.  i ask about it … apparently they had it working earlier but the crowd filled up the shop entrance so they switched it off again.  hmm.

Wii at GAME

this all sounds highly unlikely to me!  still, who knows?  on to the virgin megastore….

where they have one kiosk kind of hidden round a corner away from their entire room full of XBOX 360s!  i didn’t even have the energy to ask about it.

meanwhile, from overheard conversations between shop assistants and potential customers i got the impression that HMV and GAME are opening early so some people can quque up and get one.  virgin appear to have just taken pre-orders and that’s it.  must be something about capital letters.

i thought i’d post this using my DS and the opera browser but i couldn’t find any free wifi access.  i even travelled to Westminster in the hope of finding some (i had heard that Westminster council had provided it for the entire area) but still couldn’t find any.

eventually i gave up on getting free access and went to a Starbucks for a coffe and bought some access there.  but it was so slow (between the connection and the Opera browser) i didn’t get anything done before i had to leave.  *sigh*.


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