Wii kiosk hunting 3

So, spent a very nice evening with my friends playing GBA and DS games and watching Azumanga Daioh and Ghost in the Shell 2 and eating chinese.  mmm.

The next day (yesterday – one day before the Wii release date) i set off for Oxford St again, feeling refreshed and ready to face things.  But it was rather early.  The news wasn’t great but improving:

HMV – people were tidying up the area in front of the screen and said they’d be playing as soon as it was tidy.
GAME – a pair of white-clad “Wii people” were briefly playing Wii bowling but then stopped.  they said they were told to get there at 10 but when they saw how close the kiosk was to the entrance they knew that wouldn’t work out.  they would start letting other people play as soon as it had been moved to the centre of the store – hopefully in half an hour or so.
virgin – nothing!  but while i was there two more white-clothed Wii types turned up and hung around the kiosk looking a bit vague.

i decided to have another go at writing this up via my DS so headed off down the street.  (i’ll put that experience in a new post. .. suffice to say it didn’t work!)

so, back at virgin the kiosk is finally running!  it looks like the kiosk comes supplied with two or more “Wii people” who aren’t really Nintendo people and certainly aren’t employees of the shop.  So the shop staff get annoyed that they’re getting in the way and the Wii people aren’t really sure what they’re allowed to do.  it’s all a bit weird.

this is class – they have a health and safety form to fill in!  you have to sign it to say you’ve read their sheet of instructions telling you not to let go of the remote and to stand a meter away from other people.  also that you’re not on drugs and not pregnant!  we all want a copy of that form so we can force our friends to sign it when they play our Wiis!

it looks like they’ve trained the Wii people how to get people to sign the forms and how to play the games.  they haven’t trained them in the fine art of losing!  i just got my ass whooped by a little Wii girl at a couple of games of tennis.  Image  mind you, looks like she’s in an ass-whooping mood – five minutes before she thumped a passer-by in the chest with her Wiimote!  she said it was an accident.  urk.

looked in on GAME as i went by – looks like it’s in full swing.

walking on towards HMV i and several other shoppers were almost decapitated by huge Wii placards (like the ‘MASSIVE GOLF SALE” ones you see – just much bigger and with much smaller people trying to hold them!  and it’s a very windy day – there was thunder and lightning earlier.

being a public-spirited fanboy i went and found someone at HMV and told them about it.  they seemed to think i must be “from the PR company” – i guess that’s where the kiosks and Wii people come from.  got bored at that point.

HMV had the kiosk running but it wasn’t up on the big screen.  went home and decided to wait for mine instead.

oh, on the bus on the way into town that morning i saw someone actually playing on a PSP!!! .. just to be a bit less fanboy about that, i’ve only ever seen one person i don’t know playing a DS too.


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