while i was online on my DS yesterday i had a quick look on kotaku (it almost killed the poor little Opera browser!) and was disturbed to read about Woolworths telling customers they wouldn’t be able to fulfill all pre-orders.  eek!

hurried home and the good news was an email from amazon confirming they’ve shipped mine.  here’s the latest from parcel force:

08-12-2006 08:27 Bristol North Depot Out for delivery

hmm.  that was over three hours ago.  *sigh again*.

at 11.15 there was a knock at the door.  guess who … Jehovah’s Witnesses!  aaargh!

11.50, another knock .. more Jehovah’s Witnesses!  looking for the last two who they’ve lost!  maybe they were ‘called away’.

the not-so-great news is that the only thing that’s in that delivery (if it ever turns up!) is the Wii itself.  the games have been posted first class today – expected monday.  and “Wii play” (with the second remote) hasn’t been shipped at all yet!!  what do you think the chances are of finding a spare Wiimote for sale in Bristol this afternoon?

*big sigh*


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