Hardware hackery – the cure for Wii depression

a while ago i finally got around to making a homebrew video projector out of a second-hand OHP and a second-hand LCD monitor.  when i showed it to my friend Sam he sent me a link to a site where another chap had melded together a 21″ LCD monitor and an A3 graphics tablet to create a huge touch-screen for, probably, less than £500 instead of the many thousands a ‘real’ one would cost.

well, on friday evening i was sooooooo annoyed about the lack of a Wii that i thought, sod it, i’ll do it.

i had a spare 15″ LCD screen and an old A5 wacom tablet.  the screen is an old IBM one and is quite big.  i thought maybe there’d be enough space in it to squeeze in the insides of the tablet … and there was!  easiest hack ever – just needed a bit of sticky tape to stop the back-plate of the tablet from shorting out the pcb of the screen.  job done!

obviously, the tablet doesn’t cover the whole screen area but using the TopX, TopY etc settings in xorg.conf you can line it up pretty well for about one third of the screen.  annoyingly, the GIMP appears to ignore those values and i haven’t got around to figuring out what to do about that yet.  but it’s pretty damn cool anyway!

i’ll put some pictures here soon.



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