here’s a good wheeze – google (or whatever) for “blog” and “wiiiiiii” with varying numbers of ‘i’s.  there’s a lot of people feeling the same way!

so, i haven’t completely forgiven parcelforce (or “parcelfarce” as they seem to be known around other blogs) .. in fact, if i ever get around to it (so not then) i’ll write a proper complaint.  grumpy me.

saturday morning the games (apart from ‘play’) turned up .. at 7.25am!  eek.  so parcelforce is rubbish but the royal mail part of the business is still functioning excellently 🙂

i had a look online to see what experiences other people were having with parcelforce and wiis and decided it was worth going to their depot to see if i could get the thing.  took the bus to Cribbs and wandered around for a while trying to find the place.  eventually got there and waited (for 45 minutes) with two very talkative chaps and a few other extremely dissatisfied customers while a jolly employee hunted around for our packages.

rumour has it they were supposed to close at 12.30 but stayed there until 1.30pm to find our stuff, so at least one person was making an effort to help out.  and all our packages were found in the end.

(for what it’s worth, they said they didn’t know why it hadn’t been delivered but that it had been with an agency .. presumably they out-source to handle the Christmas rush.  humph!)

plugged it all in and played some Wii sports on saturday afternoon.  i was intending to go back out to the shops for some things but totally didn’t get round to it while i was trying to improve my baseball scores.  then fell asleep on the sofa.  oh, played a bit of ‘Beyond Good and Evil’ too.  now that could be quite good fun with the remote – if you could twirl it without throwing it everywhere.

played some more on sunday just before my mum came round.  got her playing golf – she loved it!  mind you, she’s spent several happy hours playing ‘Cooking Mama’ and the ‘Brain Training’ games on my DS too.  anyway, in the evening she got dad round too (they play lots of golf together) and they both beat me at wii golf!  they even both had a go at bowling too and seemed to enjoy that.  yay!

played the beginning of Zelda and Red Steel .. got killed in both.  a couple more rounds of boxing (my shoulders ache soooo much!) and off to bed.  i saw the weird bendy-wrist strangeness in red steel.  and the remote-based fighting in zelda seems a bit silly.  still, pretty cool.

‘Play’ turned up this morning at 9.30 so i now have two controllers.  we’ll see some multi-player action soon.  tennis, boxing and baseball i suppose.  oh, and whatever’s good in Play i suppose.

a bit annoyed that after lots of system updates i still don’t have a web browser, news or weather channels.  but, surprise surprise, the shopping channel is up and running.  buh.

made a couple of miis – well, i made one of me and mum made one of her.  good fun 🙂


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