FC4 to F7 upgrade

right. well, it’s been a little while but i’ve got onto mugshot now and reading so many other blog posts has inspired me!

so i thought i’d mention that while testing for bug 240952 i came across an old desktop running FC4 and thought i’d try out an upgrade to F7RC2 … and it’s now working! the biggest problems i found were to do with weird config i’d been experimenting with years ago for which the servers are no longer around. here’s what happened…

after the upgrade dbus wouldn’t start – it appeared to hang forever. going ‘interactive’ and skipping that service (and NFS quotas and gkrellmd) i got to a login prompt but the login seemed to hang after entering a password. can you see a pattern yet?

i couldn’t. so i went to single user mode and tried running dbus manually and checking the logs. it was having trouble with LDAP because i’d been experimenting with an LDAP server (now gone) and the config was still there. i removed and re-installed nss_ldap to get the default config back but that didn’t get rid of the “nss_ldap: failed to bind to LDAP server” messages.

decided i must still have some LDAP stuff selected in system-config-authentication but couldn’t figure out how to drive it in text mode (if you type “system-config-authentication” it gives you more than one screen of help text but anything else, e.g. “system-config-authentication | more” says “cannot open display” ) but once i’d installed xorg-x11-drv-i810 and deleted /etc/X11/xorg.conf i could run xinit, gnome-panel, gnome-terminal and nautilus and at least fool myself into thinking the world was OK again.

then i checked system-config-authentication and switched off LDAP and Kerberos check boxes. reboot. success!

after that gdm wouldn’t start because there was an old /etc/gdm/custom.conf kicking around. moved that and gdm-restart’d .. more success!

finally, i couldn’t log in as me because i used to have nfs-mounted home dirs – so i had no home dir at all. rsync’d one from my current desktop …. bingo. fancy fading icons on login and everything!

just got to install a bunch of apps (only because the config i’ve copied from my regular workstation expects them to be there) and i’m good to go.

so the summary is:

  • old (X11R6) gdm config shows up in /etc/gdm/custom.conf
  • xorg-x11-drv-i810 not installed
  • broken LDAP config causes dbus-daemon to hang forever on startup
  • output of system-config-authentication in text mode is unhelpful

not bad! i’ll raise those as new bugs and we can see if anyone wants to look into them.

tomorrow (or possibly later today) i’ll try the upgrade from F7RC2 to F7 that people keep asking about on #fedora.


edit 1: just found another problem – /etc/ld.so.conf had an old X11R6 entry. removed that and did a ldconfig and now beryl is a happy bunny .. and so am i.


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