now what?

looks like it took about two and a half hours to take a backup of the important stuff. mind you, i did get stuck into some Phantom Hourglass and missed the odd ‘skip/replace/cancel’ dialog, so that slowed things down a bit.

about half an hour to install. another half hour to do an update. another half hour to install some essential bits and bobs including evil nvidia drivers. then about another hour re-configuring stuff.

i’ve still not got my home set up properly. i’ve got to do KVM things and see if that breaks 3D stuff. there’s a load more stuff to re-install too – for example, the lack of mod_ssl explains why i can’t see the web site right now. restoring evolution email could still be a problem. and i’ve got to remember how i set up postfix.

so, hours of endless fun this evening. still, so far it’s working.

did i mention that beagle stopped misbehaving after a reboot. and now i doubt i’ll see it go wrong again. guess i’ll close that bug.


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