Achieve! – Week 29

  • munin:
    • added apache logging
    • added a marker at f7 upgrade to all graphs
    • cleaned out messed up disk temperature stats
  • enabled huge Comix cursors
  • agreed to do two Cru holidays and Greenbelt and booked holiday
  • failed to get mapserver working again so given up and switched to svg and rsvg
  • started refactoring svgmap.php to use more functions
  • added optipng to svgmap. adds about 1s per page for fixed settings (one trial) – 2s on -o2 (8 trials)
  • refactored physics.c to use eobjects. worked first time! also hasn’t crashed yet!
  • made netview multi-threaded so the physics and listener are independent of the renderer and can use another two cores. works okay but needs semaphores when writing to the model scene-graph.

network viewer screenshot

  • fixed quiz.php – needed php-gd and php-mb.
  • fixed form.php – just needed the file restored.
  • took landy for MOT – failed, re-visit wednesday
  • made first attempt at sealing the landy roof where it drips
  • went to memorial
  • almost got to shrewsbury – stuck at floods


  • hit 500m on my cycle odometer!
  • updated mum’s computer. removed adobe photoshop album from dad’s.

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