qemu/kvm and linux suspend anger


i’ve been trying to make sure that the VM running XP on this laptop survives the system going into suspend.

first problem – virt-manager (i think) has set things up so that XP got installed without ACPI and without APM. so XP can’t shutdown or reboot the VM. advice here sorted that, but the advice says it’s for Windows 2000 and i’ve not found the same information elsewhere.

second problem – so now XP is on APM and i don’t think it supports sleep modes. so i want to add suspend/resume scripts to linux to stop and start the VM. where are the scripts? lots of googling and everyone seems to agree that they’re in /etc/pm. are they? nope. there’s empty folders there but something’s up. and anyway, i’ve no idea what to put in those folders. tripped over the answer here – now how on earth was i supposed to know about that?! grrr.

still plenty of tricks to sort out there – can we actually get XP on qemu to suspend? if so then can we get it to realise the sleep event has occurred, either automatically or via another linux script? and resume when the system wakes? also, if we do have to just shutdown and restart the VM from the pm scripts then i need to solve the shutdown thing because at the moment virsh shutdown just powers off. could be a simple VM config option.

had to get this off my chest.



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