Achieve! – Week 28

  • got older!
  • had nice birthday lunch
  • birthday trip to the beach! (got sandblasted)
  • windy beach

  • Stayed with loverly Jells!
  • Got 54 stars .. and counting!
  • Ran around like a dog (Okami)
  • Didn’t go on the stupidly expensive London Eye.
  • a london bridge

  • Met up with KMC
  • Met up with Sara
  • Did a pub quiz with Jon and Co.
  • Built 60% 100% of a compost bin
  • Watched V for Vendetta – v good.
  • Watched Napoleon Dynamite – random.
  • Washed up – woohoo!
  • discovered exposure/focus bracket feature on my camera.
  • mango salad awesomeness
  • caught up with Barney
  • provided Zelda consultancy
  • became Drew’s best man!  woohooo!! 😀

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