another desktopish thought

along with all the great stuff that’s on the way in gnome-shell – with all its thinking about desktop use cases etc, i think we should add a ‘restart session’ option which does a ‘logout and log back in’ without asking for a password.

mind you, that’s only needed when certain pieces of software get updated.  under those circumstances it would be better if those apps sorted themselves out silently.  but until that’s the case the option could just be available on the PackageKit “you need to log out and in again” notification.

screenshot of gnome shell overlay modewhile i’m thinking about gnome-shell, i think when you drag something from the sidebar to a desktop in overlay mode it shouldn’t automatically take you out of overlay mode – it should assume you’ll want to get more than one thing.

or should we just be able to multi-select from the sidebar?  can you do that already?  i don’t like multi-select anyway – means you have to use both mouse and keyboard.

maybe we just need a mechanism for defining a group of things and making that group appear as an object in the sidebar – perhaps just a ‘save task/workspace’ option somewhere.



    1. (let’s try that again – forgot about the ‘threaded comments’ in wordpress now!)

      hello Ross,

      thanks for the reply – good to hear another voice!

      according to (”Third video” section) it sounds like they’ve actually done what i was thinking of. but the whole thing’s getting lots of changes all the time so it might not stay that way.

      as i mentioned in the paragraph about multi-selecting, i’m not a big fan of keyboard modifiers because they force me to use both mouse and keyboard (if i want that behaviour) and because you have to “just know” (or find out) which key to press.

      1. But you have to ‘just know’ that dragging is different to clicking, I’m not sure that’s any more discoverable personally.

        But I’m nit picking now 🙂

  1. yay! nit picking is what it’s all about! 🙂

    wordpress says i’m not allowed to reply anymore – have to make a new comment.

    so i was just thinking that the dragging approach might give more opportunity for visual feedback to give the user a clue. but still they have to think “let’s try dragging it and see what happens” – i suppose that’s worth the risk because you can always bail out of a drag whereas you can’t bail from a ctrl-click. or something.

    i’ll see your nit picking and raise you “super-nit-picking”! 😉

    1. Heh, now I’m curious about what it does when you double click 😀

      I know plenty of users who are well and truly confused about when to click and when to double-click. Most of them double-click on hyperlinks. I even had to teach one lady that double-clicking on the Bold icon in Word really isn’t going to help…

      But then, users like these are going to be happy going back to the menu every time they want to open something. Discovering easier ways of doing things just doesn’t enter their heads.

      1. oh yeah – i see that with users all the time. as far as i’m concerned double-click should be scrapped. seems like most apps work things out so it make little or no difference which you do anyway.

        i’m gonna double-click this “submit comment” button!

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