Super-achieve! Week 43 ’09


Staying up all night is definitely the way forward for me. Stayed up last night and achieved…

  • First Japanese word learned in months.
  • Sent some emails I should have sent three months ago.
  • First go on Wii fit in months.
  • First cycle ride in weeks.
  • Found CDs with 400 photos I thought I’d lost forever.
  • Tucked all my loose CDs and DVDs away into folders.
  • Sorted out all my old AV and computer cables.
  • Cleared a lot of space in my room.

plus a few other bits and bobs. Woot!

And now I’m trying out posting this from my HTC Hero android phone too.

On the downside, one of the reasons for the flurry of activity is that I feel like I’ve wasted the last week or so trying to get the android SDK working on any of my Linux machines and attempting to connect the phone to Windows running in a KVM in order to update it. I’ve had to admit defeat on both of those which is why this has taken 10 minutes rather than 2 to write. Grrrr.


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