python, hamster and zeitgeist FTW!

update: note that this turned out not to be all that useful – tracking active windows into hamster turned out better.

in response to gnome bug 639018 and my general desire to track automatically what i’ve done, i’ve made a python script which connects to the zeitgeist activity monitor and copies its messages to the hamster time tracker.  it goes like this:


# monitor zeitgeist and do stuff
from zeitgeist.client import ZeitgeistClient
from zeitgeist.datamodel import TimeRange, Event
from gobject import MainLoop

import hamster.client
class hamster_handler(hamster.client.Storage):
   def handler(self, tr, ev):
      # because the mainloop appears to catch exceptions
      from traceback import print_exc
      from urlparse import urlparse
         # FIXME insert clever rules here
         app = urlparse(ev[0].actor).netloc
         desk = open("/usr/share/applications/" + app)
         comments = filter(lambda x: x.startswith("Comment[en_GB]="), desk)
         comment = comments[0].split("=")[1].strip()
         self.add_fact(comment + " - " + ev[0].subjects[0].text)

hh = hamster_handler()
ml = MainLoop()

It never ends until it’s killed so you’ll probably want to run it in the background – i’ve added it to my session ‘startup applications’.  if it doesn’t appear to be working then run it from the command line instead – you should see some error messages if it’s failing to update hamster.

on my fedora 14 system i only get updates for local text files, images and videos opened in gedit, EoG and totem.  on ubuntu i imagine you’ll get a lot more updates.  OTOH, on ubuntu the script will probably need some tweaking for the hard-coded paths and locale.

under surveillance

i’ve decided not to link this to my hamster-to-empathy updater – i don’t really want to broadcast a stream of every little thing i do .. particularly if my IM accounts include twitter and facebook status feeds.  🙂


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