wow.  been a while.  (all blog posts are required to start like this according to the “Web Inactivity Act, 2008”).

i bought a house.  then i thought i should colour it in a bit.  well, actually everyone else thought that and i did nothing for years, and then i did something.  here’s the story in brief…

step 1.

discover there are no floor boards but just nasty chipboard panels under the carpet.  buy another sander and get sanding.

1.JPGstep 2.

paint the bits you can get to – not forgetting to leave a path you can walk along.

step 3.

wait until that paint has dried.  shuffle all the stuff on to that bit and sand and paint the other bit.

step 4.

buy things from ikea.  experiment with lighting.  add flowers to taste.

step 5.

and relax.


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