Achieve! – Weeks 36-43

  • music day in Hartcliffe
  • housewarming in Hartcliffe
  • parents’ anniversary in Abergavenny
  • the hills are alive, with the sound of children

  • bought some new monitors
  • double trouble

  • sorted out old clothes
  • lots of fedora 8 testing
  • Screenshot.png

  • met a new baby
  • got car tax
  • got proper printer inks and fancy paper roll
  • got wii remote recharger stand
  • new manga
  • longed for a ダンボ of my own!
  • sorted stack of books to read
  • re-tested compiz on multi-card nvidia setup – still didn’t work
  • tried to test compiz on multi-screen radeon setup with open driver – couldn’t get out of clone mode
  • took a few pics
  • Gits


Achieve! – Week 33

  • got car insurance
  • arranged delivery of returned CRB and ID forms
  • bought 3 more N95 batteries and a case and replacement back cover.  the case and one battery have already broken!
  • 14082007076

  • cycled to bath and back in 2hrs non-stop in the rain
  • fixed and built layerguess and colourlookup so you can upload maps again
  • went to Purbeck by train (sunny) and then open-top bus in pouring rain!