new words

it seems that whenever i read a moderately intellectual-looking book i find one (exactly one) word in it i’ve never seen before. it’s all highly suspicious … almost as if the authors look up one obscure word per book just to sound more clever….

anyway, today’s word is: inchoate.

answers on a postcard or in the comments. googling or equivalent is cheating. 😛

gah – and veridical, antithetical, inimical and kerygmatic. something to do with “verification”, “opposite”, “different” and … i’ve no idea? still, that last one’s a quote.


mildly intoxicated thought for the day

a) there’s more to life than this – in which case, taking the long view, self-sacrifice costs us nothing and probably gains us everything, or
b) this is all there is – in which case, taking the long view, self-sacrifice costs us nothing and gains us nothing.

on the purpose of wasps

whilst collecting my washing from the line on my return from greenbelt i discovered a large spider had set up home on a clothes peg.  there’s always one.  this one had caught a wasp.  i thus felt a warmth towards the spider.

this, i believe, is the purpose of wasps – to give us warm feelings towards spiders.

now all i need to do is find the purpose of seagulls.  possibly it’s to give us a warm feeling about shotguns?  hmm.

Ant Day

yesterday was sunny – at last!

so, today, all the ants finally made an appearance.  five, six, seven, eight colonies were on the move along the cracks in the pavement as i walked to the station.  even the big fat ones with wings!

how many got squished by pedestrians?  how many washed away in the rain?!  oh, the carnage!  the poor things.

is this the end of ants as we know it?!!!