death of a(nother) land rover

those who know me will be amused and faintly relieved to hear that i’ve finally given up on being a Land Rover owner having killed another one.

this one had a slightly fiery end as i attempted to get the LPG system working properly.  i carefully followed the instructions given and twiddled the appropriate knob in the engine.  engine stalls.  engine can’t be re-started.  re-adjusted knob. still can’t start but can still hear and smell gas escaping.  eek!

managed to stop the gas smell by switching the system back to petrol but couldn’t be sure it wasn’t just reduced.   clearly i was a bit ill at the time because my next trick was to wave a lighter at it.  KIDS, DON’T DO THIS!!  small fireball and fire in the air filter.  no phone (sorry – no picture) and no fire extinguisher!

luckily that small fire went out after a minute or so.  presumably it really was just burning off some residual gas.  but again i couldn’t be sure so i ended up calling out the fire brigade on new years day.  and they weren’t sure either.  in the end we all agreed it was probably okay but i should stop fiddling.

this is more stress than i want to deal with.  this morning i arranged for it to be scrapped.  never again!



well, i’ve scanned over 200 barcodes now. but what have i learned?

  • you can get away with a lot of noise in the picture.
  • all those silly things that we try at supermarkets to get the scan to work are actually very sensible.
  • with my dodgy setup it’s only very slightly quicker than typing. but lots more geeky fun.
  • shiny things are bad.

Achieve! – Week 45

  • reached 1000th word in Japanese vocabulary quiz. it was “recently”. (今度)
  • cycled again .. twice! – it’s been a while
  • put grapher on hold to focus on table merging
  • cooked food from actual ingredients
  • chopped up parts for another monitor stand and built it
  • tried switching off fans – got freaked and turned them back on
  • finished a book
  • manually removed remaining spam from a few years of emails
  • upgraded athlon PC to F8 – it’s not very happy about that!
  • wrote new OS GML loader
  • joined freecycle and passed on a telly
  • tidied up slightly


Achieve! – Week 33

  • got car insurance
  • arranged delivery of returned CRB and ID forms
  • bought 3 more N95 batteries and a case and replacement back cover.  the case and one battery have already broken!
  • 14082007076

  • cycled to bath and back in 2hrs non-stop in the rain
  • fixed and built layerguess and colourlookup so you can upload maps again
  • went to Purbeck by train (sunny) and then open-top bus in pouring rain!

Achieve! – Week 29

  • munin:
    • added apache logging
    • added a marker at f7 upgrade to all graphs
    • cleaned out messed up disk temperature stats
  • enabled huge Comix cursors
  • agreed to do two Cru holidays and Greenbelt and booked holiday
  • failed to get mapserver working again so given up and switched to svg and rsvg
  • started refactoring svgmap.php to use more functions
  • added optipng to svgmap. adds about 1s per page for fixed settings (one trial) – 2s on -o2 (8 trials)
  • refactored physics.c to use eobjects. worked first time! also hasn’t crashed yet!
  • made netview multi-threaded so the physics and listener are independent of the renderer and can use another two cores. works okay but needs semaphores when writing to the model scene-graph.

network viewer screenshot

  • fixed quiz.php – needed php-gd and php-mb.
  • fixed form.php – just needed the file restored.
  • took landy for MOT – failed, re-visit wednesday
  • made first attempt at sealing the landy roof where it drips
  • went to memorial
  • almost got to shrewsbury – stuck at floods


  • hit 500m on my cycle odometer!
  • updated mum’s computer. removed adobe photoshop album from dad’s.