another desktopish thought

along with all the great stuff that’s on the way in gnome-shell – with all its thinking about desktop use cases etc, i think we should add a ‘restart session’ option which does a ‘logout and log back in’ without asking for a password.

mind you, that’s only needed when certain pieces of software get updated.  under those circumstances it would be better if those apps sorted themselves out silently.  but until that’s the case the option could just be available on the PackageKit “you need to log out and in again” notification.

screenshot of gnome shell overlay modewhile i’m thinking about gnome-shell, i think when you drag something from the sidebar to a desktop in overlay mode it shouldn’t automatically take you out of overlay mode – it should assume you’ll want to get more than one thing.

or should we just be able to multi-select from the sidebar?  can you do that already?  i don’t like multi-select anyway – means you have to use both mouse and keyboard.

maybe we just need a mechanism for defining a group of things and making that group appear as an object in the sidebar – perhaps just a ‘save task/workspace’ option somewhere.


another mini idea for computer thinking

based on another overheard user comment. treat the computer screen like it’s a telly and the keyboard/mouse like a big remote control. the screen gives you a view into ‘computer space’ – the user doesn’t identify what they see as “my computer” or “my files” or “my programs” .. it’s just “stuff in another ‘world'”.

obviously i need to think this out a bit more – just needed to make a note really.