python, hamster and zeitgeist FTW!

update: note that this turned out not to be all that useful – tracking active windows into hamster turned out better.

in response to gnome bug 639018 and my general desire to track automatically what i’ve done, i’ve made a python script which connects to the zeitgeist activity monitor and copies its messages to the hamster time tracker.  it goes like this:


# monitor zeitgeist and do stuff
from zeitgeist.client import ZeitgeistClient
from zeitgeist.datamodel import TimeRange, Event
from gobject import MainLoop

import hamster.client
class hamster_handler(hamster.client.Storage):
   def handler(self, tr, ev):
      # because the mainloop appears to catch exceptions
      from traceback import print_exc
      from urlparse import urlparse
         # FIXME insert clever rules here
         app = urlparse(ev[0].actor).netloc
         desk = open("/usr/share/applications/" + app)
         comments = filter(lambda x: x.startswith("Comment[en_GB]="), desk)
         comment = comments[0].split("=")[1].strip()
         self.add_fact(comment + " - " + ev[0].subjects[0].text)

hh = hamster_handler()
ml = MainLoop()

It never ends until it’s killed so you’ll probably want to run it in the background – i’ve added it to my session ‘startup applications’.  if it doesn’t appear to be working then run it from the command line instead – you should see some error messages if it’s failing to update hamster.

on my fedora 14 system i only get updates for local text files, images and videos opened in gedit, EoG and totem.  on ubuntu i imagine you’ll get a lot more updates.  OTOH, on ubuntu the script will probably need some tweaking for the hard-coded paths and locale.

under surveillance

i’ve decided not to link this to my hamster-to-empathy updater – i don’t really want to broadcast a stream of every little thing i do .. particularly if my IM accounts include twitter and facebook status feeds.  🙂


python + dbus FTW!!!

was just thinking it’d be nice to be able to push a button to copy my current activity from Hamster to my work XMPP status in Empathy.  couldn’t find any such options or plugins for either app.  but with dbus (and dfeet) and python, how hard can it be?  turns out, this hard:


# get status from hamster, write it to empathy

myjid = "" # my XMPP node and domain - any XMPP resource

from dbus import SessionBus

def busAsPath(bus):
  return "/" + bus.replace(".", "/")

def jidToDbus(jid):
  return jid.replace(".", "_2e").replace("@", "_40").replace("/", "_2f")

ogh = "org.gnome.Hamster"
mybus = "org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Connection.gabble.jabber." + jidToDbus(myjid)
sb = SessionBus()

fact = sb.get_object(ogh, busAsPath(ogh)).GetCurrentFact()['name']
for bus in sb.list_names():
  if bus.startswith(mybus):
    sb.get_object(bus, busAsPath(bus)).SetPresence("available", fact,
    dbus_interface = "org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Connection.Interface.SimplePresence")

stuck that in a file, made a custom launcher for it on the gnome panel and put that next to hamster.  lovely.

this only sets the status on that one account. if you’ve got multiple accounts which can have their presence set then empathy won’t change what it displays in its status selector until they all match. easily done by removing the account-specific code and applying the SetPresence to every bus which startswith(“org.freedesktop.Telepathy.Connection.”) – then you need a try/pass to ignore any exceptions generated by attempting to SetPresence on accounts which don’t have one. 🙂