the beautiful people

from time to time some good looking person (or, occasionally, an ugly) will state or imply, in words or through their behaviour, this sentiment:

beautiful people are attracted to beautiful people.  ugly people are attracted to ugly people.

and i die a little inside.  i only figured out why today:

cats are attracted to cats.  dogs are attracted to dogs.

when people say the ‘beautiful/ugly people attraction thing’, what i hear is:

ugly people … they’re not really human, are they?

get called “sub-human” often enough and you’d be miserable too.


death of a(nother) land rover

those who know me will be amused and faintly relieved to hear that i’ve finally given up on being a Land Rover owner having killed another one.

this one had a slightly fiery end as i attempted to get the LPG system working properly.  i carefully followed the instructions given and twiddled the appropriate knob in the engine.  engine stalls.  engine can’t be re-started.  re-adjusted knob. still can’t start but can still hear and smell gas escaping.  eek!

managed to stop the gas smell by switching the system back to petrol but couldn’t be sure it wasn’t just reduced.   clearly i was a bit ill at the time because my next trick was to wave a lighter at it.  KIDS, DON’T DO THIS!!  small fireball and fire in the air filter.  no phone (sorry – no picture) and no fire extinguisher!

luckily that small fire went out after a minute or so.  presumably it really was just burning off some residual gas.  but again i couldn’t be sure so i ended up calling out the fire brigade on new years day.  and they weren’t sure either.  in the end we all agreed it was probably okay but i should stop fiddling.

this is more stress than i want to deal with.  this morning i arranged for it to be scrapped.  never again!