pirate sanity

finally found someone in the video games industry saying the sensible thing about software piracy:

For example, it is said that in Spain it is currently more difficult than in other nations to take effective legal measures…. I hear people say that, as the result, Nintendo’s market there has shrunk significantly due to rampant piracy. In fact, Nintendo DS software could not make it to the hit software sales chart in the country for sometime. However, when we launched the Nintendo DS software “Art Academy” in Europe this summer, which shows you how to draw pictures, it was ranked No. 1 on the software sales chart covering all the video game platforms in Spain. If one software can attract many people and can become a social topic, that software can sell regardless of piracy.

Satoru Iwata (Nintendo President) from Nintendo Conference Q & A Session – September 29, 2010 (my emphasis)

what a relief!

so, don’t keep claiming software pirates are killing games sales and bashing the homebrew scene in the process – just write better games!  (maybe you should start by getting inspiration from the cool stuff made for free by the homebrew people).