wow.  been a while.  (all blog posts are required to start like this according to the “Web Inactivity Act, 2008”).

i bought a house.  then i thought i should colour it in a bit.  well, actually everyone else thought that and i did nothing for years, and then i did something.  here’s the story in brief…

step 1.

discover there are no floor boards but just nasty chipboard panels under the carpet.  buy new sander and get sanding.

1.JPGstep 2.

paint the bits you can get too – not forgetting to leave a path you can walk along.

step 3.

wait until that paint has dried.  shuffle all the stuff on to that bit and sand and paint the other bit.

step 4.

buy things from ikea.  experiment with lighting.  add flowers to taste.

step 5.

and relax.



insufficient storage

just a note to self for when my android samaung galaxy s2 i9100 (I think) says it’s run out of space to install updates but the storage manager says apps are only using up half the internal space.
dial *#9900# and a system menu will appear. select ‘delete dumpstate/logcat’ too free up space.
feel free to tell me what that actually does!
took me months to find this on the web .. was just about to upgrade purely over this issue!

now what?

looks like it took about two and a half hours to take a backup of the important stuff. mind you, i did get stuck into some Phantom Hourglass and missed the odd ‘skip/replace/cancel’ dialog, so that slowed things down a bit.

about half an hour to install. another half hour to do an update. another half hour to install some essential bits and bobs including evil nvidia drivers. then about another hour re-configuring stuff.

i’ve still not got my home set up properly. i’ve got to do KVM things and see if that breaks 3D stuff. there’s a load more stuff to re-install too – for example, the lack of mod_ssl explains why i can’t see the web site right now. restoring evolution email could still be a problem. and i’ve got to remember how i set up postfix.

so, hours of endless fun this evening. still, so far it’s working.

did i mention that beagle stopped misbehaving after a reboot. and now i doubt i’ll see it go wrong again. guess i’ll close that bug.

not on your life

well, that didn’t help. so i’m off to re-install. i’d love to hang around here trying to debug the upgrade for the benefit of everyone else but i’m afraid i just haven’t got the time/energy/inclination for that right now.

maybe i’ll debug the upgrade process for F7-F8 … maybe it’ll be working by then.

upgrade? hmm.

well, in general, i’m not loving this upgrade from FC6 to F7.

F7 i like. i’ve installed it on a few systems and i think it’s great. that’s why i’m starting to install it on more important desktops now.

i thought that maybe by now the upgrade process would be working smoothly and i wouldn’t need to do a fresh install.

i’ve upgraded two machines – one x86 and one x86_64. both have nvidia graphics cards and the livna nvidia drivers (plus a few livna packages for dvds etc). shouldn’t be the end of the world.

the x86 machine got upgraded using ‘yum upgrade’. it worked fairly well. took a long, long time (like five hours) and afterwards i couldn’t log in to my regular user account. had to log in as root and blat my old home directory. (rename old one. create new one from /etc/skel, login, gradually move the more important stuff from dead home to new home.) annoying.

the x86_64 machine is more important so i thought i’d be kind and upgrade from the DVD. nope – same result only worse. now gnome-terminal doesn’t work and running any 3d app crashes X. i’m guessing this nvidia driver is up to its old tricks.

i’m going to try going back to the nouveau 2d driver, uninstalling and re-installing the livna nvidia stuff. we’ll see if i can avoid re-installing.